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Paulus Wine Co team - Paul & Pauline

Passion, Place, Purpose

Paulus Wine Co's journey into winemaking is as lively as ripe grapes.


Pauline, coming from Southern France, where vineyards dance in the sea breeze, and Paul, a native of Cape Town's sunny shores and drylands, traversed the globe in search of winemaking secrets. Their paths converged in South Africa's Swartland region, where they found themselves enchanted by its abundant potential and vibrant community.

In 2018, Paul and Pauline teamed up to establish Paulus Wine Co. Their first wine, Bosberaad, celebrates South Africa's sun-soaked terroir and earned acclaim from wine critic Neal Martin. Expanding their repertoire, the duo introduced Bartàs, inspired by the elegant Chenin Blancs of the Loire Valley, striving to capture her winemaking ethos in each bottle.

Now leading the wine project with their dedicated team, Paul & Pauline believe wine is more than just what's in the bottle—it's about stories, connections, and shared experiences.“We deeply believe that the people, relationships, and shared values between growers and winemakers make a wine's story. It's about sharing, learning, experiencing, and living.”

Wine is more than a drink—it's a story of laughter and love shared with friends, old and new. Here's to the adventure of Paulus Wine Co—a journey filled with discovery and, of course, plenty of sips along the way.

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